Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a new home for sale or lease by NORA or its partners?

Search currently available homes here.

How can I purchase a NORA-owned property?

NORA properties are made available for sale through auctions twice a year and through other programs such as Requests for Proposals. We also make certain properties available for lease for community growing projects through our Growing Green program.

How do I know which properties NORA owns?

Please use the Property Search to see a list of NORA-owned properties. Or call 504-658-4400 to provide the address of the property and find out if NORA owns it.

The property on the Orleans Parish Assessor's website says that a property is privately owned, but the mailing address is the NORA office. Who owns the property and how can I purchase it?

If NORA's address is listed in the mailing address, it means that NORA owns a tax lien interest on the property. It does not mean that NORA owns the property itself.

My family used to own a property that NORA now owns. How can we get it back?

Thousands of people voluntarily sold their properties to the State of Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina, which were then transferred to NORA, who was charged with returning these properties to commerce. We make properties available for sale through auctions, requests for proposals and other disposition programs from time-to-time. All of these opportunities are listed on our website.

How do you choose property for the NORA Absolute Auction?

We choose properties for auction based on market strength of areas, as well as by tabulating 'expressions of interest' for specific properties. Properties that are in strong markets and/or have many expressions of interest get placed into our twice-annual auctions.

How do you choose the starting price for the NORA properties that you auction off?

The starting bid amount for property sold at NORA auctions is $3,500.00.

How do I give my "Expression of Interest" for a NORA auction-approved property?

You can express interest in a property using our online expression of interest tool or by calling 504-658-4422.

Do I have to send in my "Expression of Interest" in advance of each auction?


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